diaLUX 2018
In November 2018 -after the start of the academic year- DIA organizes a five months professional practical training and guidance trajectory for developing and realizing audiovisual projects.

The use of audiovisual methods and techniques in diverse projects are emerging. Where the majority of studies result in written papers, the rapid development of audiovisual methods and techniques creates a movement towards new approaches and ways of (re)presenting outcomes.

In a period of five months participants will learn to use audiovisual media to valorize their project or (scientific) research into a documentary film. From writing a clear filmplan to the actual phase of realization. Intensive group workshops from professionals to individual coaching and practical assistance. The workshops will take place in the evenings at DIA. The emphasis will be on conducting research and doing fieldwork, gathering data, implementing data into a filmplan, writing, directing, camera, sound, editing and producing. During diaLUX a great variety of audiovisual methods and techniques are available. Depending on the objectives the participants can choose which visual methods they are going to use.

In close collaboration with institutes like the dutch broadcasting organization VPRO, the NTR, Zelovic productions, filmtheater De Uitkijk and DUS film the program connects the participant with the world of professionals. Several masterclasses and film screenings will be organized during the course period.

Learning objectives
After five months:

  • Participants will have acquired practical knowledge and understanding of the various audiovisual methods and techniques (e.d. directing, editing, camera, sound, photography);
  • Participants have used one or more audiovisual methods in their project;
  • Participants are able to justify their (cinematographic) choices;
  • Participants are able to reflect on the given theoretical background of audiovisual method and techniques;
  • Participants will be able to use audiovisual methods in their own current and/or future projects:
  • Participants will have gained knowledge about financial aspects of producing media productions.

Data and location
November 2018 – March 2019
Gaasterlandstraat 3-5, 1079 RH, Amsterdam

The diaLUX workgroup sessions in the first two months will take place at DIA on Monday and Wednesday evenings (20.00-22.00 hrs). Individual sessions will be planned according to the schedule of the participants and professionals. In the five month period the facilities of DIA will be available throughout the whole week (seven days).

€    300,-   Enrollment fee
€ 2.200,-   Tuition fee

will take place with a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 16 participants. The selection commission will choose the participants on basis of order of application, motivation and project description.

There are no specific requirements for attending the program diaLUX.

Project description
The idea for your audiovisual project can be still under development. It can be a new- or old project proposal or even no project proposal at all. If the candidate has no proposal diaLUX will try to built a new project in collabaration with the participant.

Professional team diaLUX

gysels-mDSC03768-1024x576jennifer langPhilip van PraagMilly Schlosslidija-zelovic-160x207

  • dr. Marjolein Gysels
    senior researcher Anthropology – UvA
  • drs.Hilbert Kamphuisen
    producer, director – DUS/ DIA
  • drs. Jennifer Middleton
    editor, interactive design – DIA
  • dr. Philip van Praag
    associate prof – Political Science UvA
  • Milly Schloss
    (image-) researcher
  • dr. Alexandra Schüssler
    curator – Schule für Gestaltung Basel
  • drs. Lidija Zelovic
    producer director – Zelovic productions
  • drs. Hans Fels
    director filmmaker, camera

Registration terms

Application & Selection
All applications must be submitted before 22 October, 2018.

Selection and approval of the candidates is based on order of application, motivation and project description. The selection is divided in two rounds.

  • Round 1: Applications submitted before 30 September 2018.
  • Round 2: Applications submitted before 22 Oktober 2018.

Candidates will be informed as soon as possible after the closing of the application of round 1 or 2.

When you are selected for diaLUX 2018 your enrollment will be completed after paying the enrollment fee of € 300,-. The enrollment fee has to be paid within two weeks after you receive the confirmation that you are selected for diaLUX 2018.

The remaining € 2.200,- can be paid in one or two terms. If chosen for a payment in one term there will be a reduction of € 50,-.

  • One term
    • € 2.150,- before 1st of November 2018.
  • Two terms
    • First payment of € 1.100,- before 1st of November 2018.
    • Second payment of € 1.100,- before 1st of January 2019.

Annulation of enrollment
Annulation of enrollment must be done by sending an e-mail to info@docinstam.nl

  • Annulations submitted before October 14, 2018 will receive a complete refund of the enrollment fee (€ 300,-) and the tuition fee (either € 2.150,- or € 2.200,- depending on the selected term of the payment).
  • Annulations submitted before October 22, 2018 will receive a refund of the tuition fee (either € 2.150,- or € 2.200,- depending on the selected term of the payment).
  • Annulations submitted before November 11, 2018 will receive a refund of € 1.250,- (50% of the grand total of € 2.500,-).

More information
For more information please feel free to contact us at info@docinstam.nl

Use the online registration form (see below) to apply for diaLUX 2018. All entries must be submitted before Oktober 22, 2018.